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Our Story

Welcome to SheASK community! We are a group of women who are passionate about empowering other women through sharing abilities, skills and knowledge. Our platform aims to create a safe space for women to share their stories, connect and learn from each other. 


Our journey began when our founder, Angeline, realized that many women around her were struggling to achieve their goals due to various challenges such as gender bias, lack of opportunities, and societal pressure. Angeline herself had faced many challenges while pursuing her dreams. Hence, she decided to create a platform where women could come together to support each other and improve the quality of their lives. 


Our platform has been growing into a vibrant community of women who are committed to empowering each other. We have hosted various events and workshops where women can learn new skills and network with like-minded individuals. We have also created a space where women can share their stories, experiences and find support and encouragement from others. 

We are proud of the progress that we have made in the lives of women so far. We have seen women go on to start their new hobbies and learning journey, determined to have a healthier life and break through the barriers that once held them back. We have seen women build lasting friendships and support networks through our community platform. 


As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue our mission of empowering women. We have many plans in the works, including more events, workshops, and resources that will help women achieve their goals. We are committed to creating a community where every woman feels valued. Join us on this journey and let’s uplift each other to create a better world for women.

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