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Since the forth Industrial Revolution, the world is transforming and changes are inevitable. The most basic preparation to adapt in this fast changing world is to keep on learning and improve oneself. Personal Development is the trendy term that refers to one to take on the lifelong journey. What is Personal Development? It is an ongoing process to build our capabilities and potential to enhance the quality of our life. 

There are FIVE main steps for us to start the self-development process. As lifelong learning is an ongoing process, our personal development does not end on Step 5. Instead, it is an iterate process because learning and improving process should be no ending.

Step 1: Develop a clear Personal Vision

Step 2: Plan Personal Development accordingly

Step 3: Start the improvement process

Step 4: Record process of Personal Development

Step 5: Review and update Personal Development plans


The very first step is we need to have a clear vision of what is our future look like. Simply saying, we need to know what we want in our life and how we want our life to be. Hence, building a Vision Board is great to help us identify our What and How. Moreover, Vision Board is a guide and reminder to us along the Personal Development journey. When we are building our Vision Board, always remember to include short term and long term vision and then turn the vision to goals. Breakdown the goals and identify each goals that you want to achieve. 

When comes to Goal Setting, you can follow the SMART guideline. Set your goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timed. Last but not least, don't rush for the result, one step at a time and you will be arriving your destination very soon! 

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Personal Development

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