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Story Behind SheASK

How it started

Let’s explore the journey of Angeline, the founder of SheASK and see how it led to the birth of SheASK. Back in the year 2019, it was a challenging one for her. A few weeks before Christmas, at her workplace, she faced the devastating blow of being retrenched due to a company-wide restructuring. Suddenly, the stability she had relied on through her 9-to-5 job was taken away, leaving her uncertain about her financial future. Without wasting any more time, she quickly searched for another job. However, as Angeline began searching for a new job, she encountered the effects of the global pandemic - Covid19. Companies were hesitant to hire, and the job market became increasingly competitive. It seemed as though every door she approached was closing, intensifying her anxiety and financial concerns.

With the absence of a regular income, Angeline felt the weight of financial stress pressing upon her. She realized the importance of having multiple streams of revenue and wished she had explored investment opportunities or acquired better financial literacy skills earlier in life. In addition, with her keen observations, it led her to a profound realization about the challenges faced by countless women. As she interacted with women from diverse backgrounds, she noticed a common thread: many were grappling with daily life challenges and lacked essential soft skills, yet they were uncertain about the reasons behind their struggles and how to overcome them. Another prevailing issue that Angeline observed is that many women lacked the necessary knowledge to care for their bodies and minds effectively. The consequences were evident as sickness and stress took a toll on their lives, hindering them from thriving and achieving their full potential. All the experience and observations prompted her to seek a solution that could provide financial independence, security for herself and other women facing similar challenges.

A wish for solutions:

When Angeline faces these challenges, she gets really scared. It was a lonely and isolating experience. Often, she hesitates to confide in her friends, feeling embarrassed because she assumes they have everything under control. Not only that, she frequently finds that her friends struggle to grasp the complexities of the issues that women are confronting, leaving her feeling even more despondent. As Angeline started SheASK, she started to learn that many women were dealing with similar problems, but they did not seem to be looking for ways to fix them. Instead, they seemed to accept these problems as just a normal part of life,due to societyal and cultural norms that have made it seem like a natural aspect of their lives. Amidst her struggles, Angeline held a strong desire for a solution that could address all her concerns. She longed for a way to improve herself, gain knowledge, enhance her financial situation, and support other women facing similar obstacles.

The Birth of SheASK:

SheASK was inspired by Angeline's profound vision of creating a supportive community for women. She firmly believed that when women faced challenges, they shouldn't feel isolated or burdened by these issues alone. Drawing from her own personal struggles and experiences, Angeline held a deep conviction that equipping women with financial literacy, soft skills, and health knowledge was paramount for enhancing their overall quality of life. In today's fast-paced world, where women often shoulder a multitude of responsibilities, from household chores to caring for elders and children, time is a precious commodity. Recognizing this, SheASK was designed to provide bite-sized, easily digestible content that women could quickly grasp and remember. It is a platform dedicated to empowering women to conquer challenges together, fostering a sense of unity and shared growth in every aspect of their lives.


Angeline’s journey from facing adversity to founding SheASK exemplifies the power of resilience and the transformative impact that one individual can have. Her personal experiences of job loss, financial struggles, health concerns and mental strain became the catalyst for a platform that aims to empower women in all aspects of life. SheASK serves as a beacon of hope, offering a space where women can find support, learn essential skills and ultimately improve their overall well-being. Angeline’s story reminds us that even in the face of hardship, there is potential for personal growth and the ability to make positive impacts on others.


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