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"I'm really busy!" ,"I have no time at all.", "I wish I have 48 hours a day!" 

Do these sounds familiar to you? May be it is time to take a break and relax... breath in , breath out. Now, start to think about what do you really want to achieve in your life and what matter most to you. In everyone's life, there are Big Rocks, Pebbles, Sands and Water in our life. Big Rocks represent things that matter most to us. Pebbles represent things that are slightly less important than Big Rocks yet we need to put our time on it. Sands and Water represent things that are less important compared to the above. By using this metaphor, it helps us to understand and identify what are the things matter most to us and we need to prioritize them accordingly. We can categorize our works into Four main categories:

1) Urgent and Important

2) Not Urgent but Important

3) Urgent but Not Important

4) Not Urgent and Not Important

Everyone has different priorities. What matter most to me might not be important to you at all. Hence, we need to spend some time to think about it and start planning, prioritizing and organizing our time. With this, we are able to manage our time effectively and achieve our goals with higher efficiency. 

There are some tools that are able to help us to manage time daily, for instance, To-do list, Time Management matrix and Calendar. If possible, set notifications and reminders 5 or 10 minutes before each task thus you can keep everything on track. 


SheASK_What is Time Management_Infographic.png


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